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Power Drills & Drilling
The Ideal Tool in Your Toolbox

Hand-held power drills, both corded and cordless, are probably the most common tool used for residential and commercial projects and repairs. A strong hand, of course, makes accurate drilling a snap; however many power drills are versatile and light weight enough so that even the most lady-like do-it-yourselfer can tackle most home improvement projects.

Where are Hand & Power Tools Purchased?

According to the National Association of Home Builders about 46% of builders and remodelers buy from home improvement centers, while about 15% buy from lumber yards. The percentage of home improvement center purchases is likely higher when it comes to homeowners doing their own repairs.

Look For These Features When Buying a Power Drill

  • Comfort â�� be sure switches and controls are conveniently located
  • Handle Style â�� T-handle (placed near the middle, it distributes the weight for balance with less strain on the wrist; Pistol-grip (a more traditional style for models with cords); and Right-angle for tight spaces.
  • Power â�� higher voltage equals heavier weight. Home improvement centers agree that 12 â�� 18 volts are their best selling cordless power drills for their commercial and residential customers. For corded drills, power is measured in amps. Higher amps, more power.
  • Drill Chucks â�� grips the drill bit and is secured with a chuck key or by hand. Depending on the job, you may need only a ¼” chuck (which accommodates small bits). However, larger holes need larger chucks.

What Material Are You Drilling?

Be aware of the hardness and softness of materials. For instance, drilling into harder materials generally means a slower speed; likewise, softer materials require higher speed, so a power drill with variable speed control is important.

Using the right drill bit is vital for best results. Consulting manufacturer recommendations on materials and bit size is always helpful.

When hand and power tools are handled properly, they can give the owner years of dependable service. However, repeated use and the occasional accidental breakage can be disconcerting. Ideal Tool & Equipment Services is your source for prompt and complete parts replacement and service on power drills by technicians you can trust. We're a family brick and mortar business, servicing generations of tool users in Philadelphia and the tri-state area since 1952.

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