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Since establishing its first factory in 1901 and putting out its first power drill in 1932, Bosch has been a leading manufacturer in the power tool industry. Their extensive range of award winning products appeal to professional crews, as well as residential DIYers, which means that you can tackle almost any kind of project with their tools. For over sixty years, Ideal Tool & Equipment Service has provided customers in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Bucks Counties with authorized repairs for corded and cordless Bosch equipment and accessories, including:

Hammer Drills: Features for the corded type include dual mode selector for hammer or rotation only, variable speed, 360° auxiliary or pistol grip handle, and rotating brush plate, for maximum power. They work with flat shank, flat shank hex masonry, MultiPurpose�, Multi/Construction�, glass and tile, and BlueGranite� turbo carbide bits. Cordless models feature LED lighting, lithium-ion batteries, and can deliver up to 442 lbs. of torque. They utilize Daredevil� Spade, black oxide, titanium coated, fractional stubby length, double-end, and jobber length, brad point, and Forstner bits, amongst others.

Breaker Hammers: Also know as demolition hammers, Bosch is top of the line with anti-vibration systems and an impact energy of 17 ft.lbs. The models have Vario-Lock� 12-point rotational positioning, Service Minder� maintenance light indicator, and a streamlined design for the best in vertical and horizontal uses. Accessorizing parts include R-Tec star point self sharpening chisel twist, tamper plate and round spades, seam, slotting, and bushing tools, and the Bulldog� Xtreme bits, which outlast competition when dealing with rebar.

Tuckpointing Grinders: Variable depth adjustment, Service Minder� brushes, and flexible spindle are some of the highlights. They use Standard and premium turbo, continuous, and segmented rim diamond abrasive blades.

Small, Medium, and Large Angle Grinders: Bosch makes grinders for every application, which use variously sized cutting, diamond cup, and thin cutting wheels, dust extraction attachments, and flap discs.

Saws: Name your project, and Bosch has the miter/table, reciprocating, jig, or wet tile saw for you. Depending on type, the saws deliver Constant Response� circuitry, variable speed trigger, superior power to weight ratios, T-shank blade, ergonomic design, LED lighting, and compact weight.

Nail Guns: Models include brad, finishing, framing, and roofing coil, with premium design and efficiency, batteries and chargers, and nails.

Random Orbital Sanders and Polishers: The leader in this category, Bosch has multi-purpose models with Sheet Loc� sandpaper attachments, dual-mode, and variable speed and dust collection settings.

Planers: With Woodrazor� micrograin carbide blades, ambidextrous �lock-off� release, metric and inch depth scales, and dual mount guide fence, smoothness has never been simpler.

No matter what kind of residential home improvement you're working on, always make sure you completely understand how to operate your Bosch power tool, and that it is still in prime condition. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that more than 50% of eye injuries occur at home, with a vast majority resulting from power tool errors or accidents. Use the following as a guideline before starting or returning to your project:

  • Never place hands in front of the tool, while in use
  • Do not wear baggy clothing, dangling jewelry, or let hair hang loosely
  • Use ANSI-approved eye wear for protection
  • Keep children and animals away from the work area
  • Make sure that the work surface is clean
  • Check that the tool is not defective, and if using a cord, that the cable and outlet are also free of defects
  • Turn off tool, and make sure that it has completely stopped running, before taking a break, needing to make changes, or needing to attend to something else
  • Stay alert at all times

Whether driving or taking Septa public transportation, Ideal Tool & Equipment Service is easy to get to. We're located at 456 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, PA. 19123, not far from Franklin Square or the Vine St. Expressway. Give us a call at (212)-925-0672, or email us any time with questions about Bosch tools and repairs at

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