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Bosch Power Tools

Bosch power tool are synonymous with rugged, durable, and quality and owning any Bosch power tool gives you that cherished feeling of certainty If you�ve invested in Bosch tools, they should last you a long time. Follow the maintenance instructions you received, or bring the tool into Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, an authorized Bosch service provider. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified to help you with all Bosch power tool repair and maintenance.

Part of taking care of power tools is knowing how to use them correctly. We encourage you to ask questions about power tool use. There are resources online that can help as well. Bosch produces a series of videos highlighting many of their power tools, for example. These are available freely on YouTube. The company also participates in efforts to education the public on the use of power tools.

Power Tool Education

Bosch is a member of the Power Tool Institute, an organization of manufacturers that promote education, safety, and use of power tools around the world. If you would like to know more about any of the tools below, click on its link. Each links takes you to a different information page about the tool�s purpose, basic procedures to use it, and safety considerations:

  • Circular Saws
  • Drills, Hammer-Drills, Rotary Hammers, and Hammers
  • Jig Saws
  • Miter Saws
  • Routers
  • Sanders (Stationary and Portable)

Engineering History

Bosch power tools are popular because of their strong tradition of quality. The Bosch brand means engineering innovation. Their technological breakthroughs benefited generations of Americans. Chances are you are not the first in your family to use Bosch tools. Perhaps your father or an uncle used Bosch products before you were ever born. Below are a few examples of Bosch products described and advertised in American magazines from the last century:

  • 1929 - Bosch Pyro-Action Spark Plugs ad in Motorboating
  • 1944 - Fuel injection for motors from Popular Mechanics
  • 1954 - Model WWM Windshield wiper by the American Bosch Corporation in Motorboating
  • 1967 - Advertisement in Flying magazine
  • 1968 - Popular Mechanics advertisement for power tools from the Robert Bosch Corporation

Bosch Power Tool Repair and Maintenance

Keep your Bosch power tools in good repair by performing regular maintenance on them according to the operator�s manual. While each tool has specific requirements, here are some general principles of good power tool care:

  • Use the right tool for the job, and use tools correctly. Using a power tool for any other than its designed purpose can lead to injury, or damage an otherwise perfectly good tool.

  • Examine the power tool before you use it. Are the moving parts functioning as they should? Does the power switch work properly? If not, consult with a manufacturer-certified repair technician that is qualified to repair Bosch power tools.

  • Exercise good judgement when changing or using new accessories on your power tools. Make sure its size and other specifications exactly matches that of your Bosch power tool.

  • Do not use modified accessories on your power tools. Likewise, do not modify your Bosch power tool to fit any accessory. This will void any service warranty.

  • Clean and lubricate the tool as directed by your operator's manual.

  • When the tool is not being used, remove the power cord. Remove and safely store any batteries.

  • Keep tools out of the reach of children.

�Treating your power tools correctly will result in long-lasting tools that will serve you well in many future projects. Still, there are times when even the most-experienced power tool user will need help, even after following all of the manufacturer's instructions. When that happens, come to Ideal Tool & Equipment Service for Bosch power tool repair.

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