Electric Wire Pullers

Electric wire pullers are used throughout the electrical industry. Because they�re not really a home DIY tool, most electric wire pullers are owned by professional electricians or large industries.

A fairly simple machine, Ideal Tool has no problem in replacing and servicing almost every component from an electric wire puller (also known as a wire tugger). What their factory-trained technicians can�t fix, they�ll happily organise to be replaced.

The tool�s operation operation centres primarily around a motor and a series of pulleys. This makes repairing an electric wire puller and easy and quick job.

Repairs commonly carried out by Ideal Tool on electric wire pullers include:

  • Servicing and replacing the motor.
  • Replacing drive chains.
  • Replacing drive train shafts.
  • Replacing the ratchet pawl.
  • Replacing commutator brushes.
  • Repairing or replacing faulty electrical switches.

Because of the sheer force exerted by a well-built electric wire puller, it�s crucial for the operator to use caution when operating it. The tool should only be run at a safe speed, with the off-switch close at hand.


Like most tools today, a lot of unnecessary wear and tear, not to mention expensive repairs, can be prevented by frequent user maintenance. Consult the following tips and your tool�s owner�s manual for ways to help prevent unnecessary trips to Ideal Tool.

  • Drive Chains Lubrication - Because the drive chains have such a crucial job in the operating of the electric wire puller, they should be lubricated every 20 hours of operating time to help prevent costly and dangerous breakages.
  • Drive Chains Condition - If a drive chain snaps or fractures during use, it could mean serious injury for the operator. To help prevent unexpected injuries, be sure to check the overall condition of the drive chains every 40 hours of operating use.
  • Drive Chain Shafts - To help prevent wear on the shaft themselves, and to ensure the smooth and easy motion of the actual drive chains, apply liberal amounts of grease to the drive chain shafts every 20 hours of operating use.
  • Ratchet Paw - To aid its ease of movement and to prevent extra wear, grease the ratchet paw with an appropriate grease every 40 hours of operating use.
  • Commutator Brushes - These components are known to break very easily and frequently, so be sure to check the condition of the commutator brushes every 40 hours of operating time - even more often, for extra caution.

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