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Floor Finishing Equipment

At Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, we are knowledgeable in all manner of floor finishing tools and equipment. These are some examples of the types of floor finishing equipment that we service:

  • Floor sanders
  • Floor edgers
  • Floor polishers
  • Floor scrubbers and buffers

You can see the list of services that we offer for these tools on our floor finishing equipment page.

Every machine listed here performs a unique function. It is important to know what exactly you want to accomplish and which machine you should use for the job when you�re doing floor finishing work. Using one of these tools to try to complete another tool�s job is one of the best ways to damage either the machine, the floor, or yourself. Below you will find the primary uses for some of the types of floor finishing tools that we service at Ideal Tool & Equipment Service.

Floor Sanders, Buffers, Polishers and Edgers

Floor finishing equipment generally comes in an all-in-one machine, although some machines do not have built-in edgers. These machines can weigh up to hundreds of pounds and are used to sand, buff, and polish any type of non-carpeted flooring. Generally, buffing pads are used to implement the different functions. These come in two types: polishing and cutting. Cutting pads have abrasive surfaces that scrape away imperfections and grime from the surface of the flooring. Polishing pads are used on clean surfaces to place protectant wax and leave a shiny appearance on the flooring.

These are typically the steps involved in floor finishing:

Sanding: Sanding is typically done by a floor buffer and polisher by using a cutting pad. The sanding machine moves the abrasive material of the cutting pads against the surface of the floor, which scrapes away any imperfections. Floor buffers and polishers are generally built into a single machine and are used to clean, sand, and polish any type of non-carpeted flooring, such as hardwood, tile, and concrete floors.

Polishing: After the sanding has been completed, a polishing pad replaces the cutting pad, and it is used to polish the floor, leaving it shiny and protecting it with a layer of wax. Cutting pads are abrasive, and they are used to clean the dirt and grime from floors. Polishing pads are used after the floor has been cleaned to give it a shine.

Floor edgers: Edging the floors is the last part of the process, and they take up the parts of the floor that the bigger machines are not able to get to due to their size.

Floor finishing equipment can take a lot of abuse from both homeowners who do not know how to properly maintain them and from professional who use them frequently. They require a lot of routine maintenance, and occasionally they will require repairs to ensure proper functioning. For floor sander, buffer, polisher or edger repair, please contact Ideal Tool and Equipment Service at (212)-925-0672. Fast, professional, factory-trained personnel are available from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also fax us at (215) 925-0672 or (215) 440-9786. Our e-mail address is

We are conveniently located at 456 North 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123. (See Map).

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