Floor Finishing Equipment

A variety of floor finishing equipment can be used to tackle a number of different jobs at home and elsewhere: sanding hardwood floors down for a new stain of varnish, preparing engineered wood for a new glossy finish and even cleaning grime, dirt and stains from tile, marble, linoleum, hardwood floors and a few more surfaces.

There is a wide selection of floor finishing equipment used across the country, and all easily repaired by a qualified Ideal Tool factory-trained technician.

Floor Sanders

These tools experience a lot of wear and tear due to their heavy workload and may need repair. Frequent user-maintenance and the occasional trip to technician for a service will help prolong the lifespan of these floor finishing tools.

Repairs commonly carried out include:

  • Motor services and replacements.
  • Switching sanding belts.
  • Replacing motor brushes.

Floor Edgers

Floor edgers undergo a lot less battering than normal floor sanders, but their job is still a tough one. Take care to clean them of dust and to check if any maintenance is needed after every use.

Common repairs include:

  • Replacing the on/off switch.
  • Switching out or cleaning the paper retaining bolt.
  • Tightening and oiling bearings.

Floor Polishers

Because of the sheer variety of floor polishers available, these machines experience an array of different problems that require the occasional trip to the machine shop. Luckily, Ideal Tool has you covered!

Repairs commonly carried out:

  • Repairing or replacing worn-out motors.
  • Tightening or replacing bearings.
  • Cleaning out and oiling mechanical components.

Floor Scrubbers and Buffers

Similar to floor polishers, these types of floor finishing tools experience a range of different problems due to the variety of different tools available.

Common repairs include:

  • Repairing or replacing motors.
  • Unclogging and replacing cleaning nozzles.
  • Replacing the rubber cleaning pads.
  • Fixing stuck bearings.

But you can help prevent both injuries and unnecessary repairs on all types of floor finishing equipment by following your manufacturer�s manual and these basic tips:

  • Dust Removal - Make sure your sander or edger is hooked up to a dust bag or a dust removal pipe, to protect both your lungs and your sander from the harmful dust.
  • Air Quality - When working with any floor finishing equipment, be sure to wear a breathing mask capable of protecting you from harmful substances.
  • Noise - Most floor finishing equipment is very loud so donâ��t forget to wear good quality noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Maintenance - Always be sure to clean your tools, especially to remove dust and grit that may build up and cause unnecessary wear on moving parts.
  • Prepare - Prepare all surfaces by removing any small obstacles, hammering in protruding nails, filling cracks with the appropriate putty, removing mouldings and using the correct cleaning and sanding materials.
  • Double Check - Confirm the correct fit whenever you attach new sandpaper or a new polishing mat to your equipment, as loose ones can quickly damage a toolâ��s mechanisms.
  • Keep it Clean - Floor finishing can be messy work for the surrounding environment, so make sure everything is properly covered.
  • Be Considerate - Because of the large amount of noise and mess created by most floor finishing equipment, warn those around you before you begin.

Even with the best user-maintenance, sometimes tools need to be taken in for crucial repairs. With decades of experience in the industry, Ideal Tool� technicians have seen it all and fixed it all. Even if your tool is beyond repair, which the highly-qualified technicians will do their best to prevent, they�ll happily find you a new replacement, and at a great price as well!

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service is your source for prompt and complete parts replacement and service by technicians you can trust. We're a family-owned brick and mortar business, servicing generations of cordless power tool users in Philadelphia and the tri-state area since 1952.

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