Honda Snowblower- Tips for Choosing The Right One

As the winter months quickly approach, it�s time to pack away the leaf blowers and lawn mowers to begin making preparations for the upcoming bad weather. Last winter, 2013, Philadelphia seen it�s third snowiest winter ever. Past history is a testimony to how snowy it can get in Philly:

  • Philadelphia Snowfall 2013-2014 - 58.4â��
  • Philadelphia Snowfall 2009 -2010 - 78.7â��
  • Philadelphia Snowfall 1995-1996 - 65.5â��

Honda snowblowers are durable and essential to tackle the snow this season. Currently, Honda offers several models of snow blowers. Here are some important factors you should consider before you choose which model to purchase?

Honda Snow Blower - Making the Proper Choice for Your Property

What type of surfaces do you need to clear? While Honda snow blowers can effectively work on asphalt and concrete surfaces, specific models can work wonders on certain surfaces. For instance, two stage snow blowers are most effective on gravel and mixed surfaces.

If you have lots of property or large areas to clear than a Honda small engine snowblower that�s capable of moving large amounts of snow could possibly be the best snow blower for you. The Honda HS724WA is great for its distance and removal speed. It�s an industrial strength snow blower that scoops snow up and out. For smaller properties the HS720 model series can quickly clear smaller areas such as the sidewalk and driveway.

Honda Snow Blower - Wheel or Track?

Honda offers both track and wheel snow blowers. Track snow blowers grip the ground and easily glides down inclines. Also, Honda�s track snow blowers perform excellent in packed areas. Honda�s wheel snow blowers are easy to maneuver and can be used to rid small and angular areas of packed snow.

Honda Snow Blower Small Engine Repair

Honda small engines, snow blowers have a 4-stroke advantage, meaning that there�s no oil or gas to mix and virtually no smell. Honda small engine repair work should be handled by Honda engine experts.

It�s important to be able to depend on your Honda snow blower this winter. Ideal Tool & Equipment Service have both the tools and skills to complete any Honda small engine repair work.

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