Honda Small Engine Repair

About Honda Outdoor Power Equipment

Honda Motor Company is a multinational Japanese establishment that�s a leading manufacturer in the automotive and motorcycle industry. Honda�s commitment towards producing quality products extends beyond these industries. Since 1953 Honda Motor Company has produced more than a hundred million small engine outdoor equipment. For more than fifty years, Honda has been the leader in the development of fuel efficient and environment friendly power equipment.

In 2007 the company reached record sales in the outdoor power equipment branch selling more than 6.4 million power units. Honda is best known for producing durable and reliable products.

About Honda Corporation

Honda Motor Company is headquartered in Tokyo, Minato and Japan. However, the company's assembly plants and manufacturing divisions are located all around the globe. The U.S division of Honda is located in Torrance, California. Worldwide, Honda Motor Company employs more than 200,000 workers

In the second fiscal second quarter, which ended September 2014, Honda earned 141.8 billion in net income in JPY currency which amounts to 1,296 million in U.S dollars. This is an 17.9% increase from last year�s net income.

Honda Power Equipment Small Engine Repair

Honda currently offers as many more than sixty models in following small engine power equipment families:

  • Trimmers: There are three different trimmer models, manufactured with a variety of trim heads, designs and engine sizes.
  • Generators; From 1,000 to 10,000 watts, generator models created by Honda were designed for recreational, residential and commercial use.
  • Lawn Mowers: Hondaâ��s whole line of lawn mowers meets safety standards in all fifty states in the United States and they're designed to handle both residential and industrial applications.
  • Tillers: Both rear-tine and mini-mid models are available through Hondaâ��s distributors.
  • Water Pumps: Honda manufacturers multipurpose water pumps with a variety of capacities.
  • Snow blowers: Whether itâ��s a track drive or wheel drive, Hondaâ��s snow blower models can move up to 83 tons of snow per hour.

Which Honda power tool do you own? Trust Ideal Tool Company with your Honda small engine repair work. Save money and time by having our team diagnose your Honda small engine repair issues so that you can continue to get your money�s worth from your power equipment.

Did you know:

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission an estimated amount of 15.3 miscellaneous power equipment is in use each year resulting in about 4, 122 injuries.

For injury prevention allow professionals complete your Honda small engine repair work.

The Honda small engine repair experts at Ideal Tools & Equipments have both the experience and tools needed to complete your projects. Contact us right away at 215) 925-0672 for a consultation.

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