Honda has taken their exceptional experience and craft with car engines and motorcycles and applied it to the world of hardware and power equipment. Their incredible engines, previously fitted to cars and superbikes, can now be found in generators, pumps, snow blowers and more.

Since 1953 Honda has rebranded themselves as both a car company and a power equipment manufacturer. Honda Power Equipment, now a world-renowned brand, operates out of Alpharetta, Georgia and controls the manufacturing of hundreds of thousands of power equipment tools. Ideal Tool repair, Philadelphia, PA, repairs them all - Ideal Tool is your Honda tool repair service center.



  • Recreational Generator
  • Backup Generator
  • Industrial Generator

Lawn Mowers

  • HRX Lawnmower
  • HRR Lawnmower
  • HRS Lawnmower
  • HRC Lawnmower


  • Dewatering Pump
  • Construction Pump
  • Multi-purpose Pump
  • Submersible Pump

Snow Blowers

  • Single-stage Snow Blower
  • Two-stage Snow Blower


  • Mini Tiller
  • Mid-tine Tiller
  • Rear-tine Tiller


  • HHT Trimmer

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