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Still strong after 100 years, Makita continues to build upon their already noteworthy history for their rechargeable power tool in 1969, nickel cadmium battery tool in 1978, nickel hydride battery tool in 1997, and lithium-ion battery tool in 2005. Ideal Tool & Service Equipment is just as strong, with over 60 years of top quality knowledge and skills in providing factory authorized maintenance and repairs for the Makita line, including:

  • Benchtop: Miter saws range from 8 1/2â�� slide compound, 7 1/2â��-12â�� dual slide, and 10â��-12â�� compound. Makita also makes a 10â�� table and a 10â�� contractor table saw, and a 12â�� portable planer with automatic head clamp.

  • Cordless: There are hammer-driver drill only or kits, brushless or not, as well as rotary hammers, angle, right angle, and hex drills, 3-speed impact driver tools and kits, Hybridâ�¢ impact drivers and kits, angle, high torque, and 3-speed impact wrenches, random orbit sanders and kits, and band, chain, circular, jig, and reciprocal saws of various voltage and blade sizes.

  • Concrete: Makita gives you the power tools to break through the toughest surfaces, with angle and power cutters, 3/4â�� and 5/8â�� hammer drills, AVT® and Advanced AVT® rotary and breaker hammers, AVT® demolition hammers, and planers and scrapers.

  • Drills: 1/2â�� and 3/8â�� drills, including angle and spade handle, impact drivers, 1/2â��, 3/4â�� and 1â�� impact wrenches, 2,500-6,000 RPM drywall screwdrivers, and drywall cut-out tools.

  • Metalworking: Makita has a variety of metal cutting saws, cut-off/angle grinders, and disc sanders and polishers, along with 14â�� angle cutters, for precise marks and fits.

  • Pneumatic: Brad, and roofing, siding, and framing coil nail guns, as well as medium, narrow, and wide crown staplers, and Big Boreâ�¢ air compressors make up the pneumatic line.

  • Power Equipment: Hedge and string trimmers, brush cutters, hip throttle and backpack blowers, 14â��-20â�� chain saws, and 14â��-16â�� power cutters get

  • Saws: Hypoid and masonry circulars, barrel grip and top handle jigs, 11-15 amp reciprocals, and fiber cement shears take care of your sawing needs.

  • Woodworking: Tackle woodworking renovations and creations with Makita's different sized compact and plunge routers, tilt and fixed based laminate trimmers, various planers, and sheet finishing, belt, wheel, and random orbit sanders.

The Home Improvement Research Institute reports that 70 billion dollars in home repair products are made by women, largely stemming from the continuous increase of their home ownership and take-charge attitude regarding DIY home projects. Makita is a top choice for women because of ergonomic designs and ease of use. Their bright blue color is also appealing because it goes against the pink trend that is often more of a miss than a hit with gaining female interest. Almost every home owner or renter at some point in their lives tackles a home improvement project, so the following is important to consider when deciding on the details:

  • Level of Expertise: If you haven't done much improvements on your own yet, don't take on a major project at first. Ignore the desire to emulate your favorite tool expert celebrity, and start with simpler, smaller creations or renovations. Taking workshops, watching tutorials, and asking advice from professionals also help.
  • Cost: Make sure that you are financially prepared for the project, as well as getting a professional, should something go wrong.
  • Full Scope: Know the entire scope of the project before you start,and if any additional steps are optional or mandatory. It's not wise or safe to skip steps because you aren't ready for them, or don't have anyone to assist.
  • Risk: Unless you have extensive knowledge and experience with certain tasks, such as ones involving wiring, it's best to leave that to professionals.
  • Permission: Depending on the project, find out if permits are required. If renting, check with the landlord first about sizable repairs or changes.

Come in to Ideal Tool & Service Equipment, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., for your Makita power tool repair, or any maintenance that requires attention. We have convenient off-street parking at our 456 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, PA. shop, and for Septa riders, are off of the 47 or 61 bus lines, or just a short walk from the Broad Street line, or 8th St. Market-Frankford Line stop. Call us during business hours at (212)-925-0672, or email us at

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