Milwaukee Cordless Tool Repair

Why are Cordless Tools Popular?

Cordless power tools offer a number of advantages to the home repairer or renovator. If you are purchasing new tools, consider purchasing Milwaukee power tools. They offer a complete line of both corded and cordless power tools Ideal Tool & Equipment Service’s qualified technicians will attend to any Milwaukee power tool repair or maintenance you require. Here are some examples of Milwaukee cordless power tools:

Many experienced home repair aficionados maintain that cordless power tools are superior because they:

  • Add mobility
  • Weigh less
  • Experience no cord damage
  • Offer convenience
  • Can save money

Generally, cordless tools are not as powerful as corded ones. Before making a hasty judgement, though, remember it depends on the specific tool(s) you are looking at. Many cordless power tools are very powerful, as battery technology continues to improve.

What are Lithium-Ion Batteries?

In the above list of Milwaukee cordless power tools, you probably noticed that most of the item descriptions include mention of “lithium-ion.” This term may not be familiar to you, but chances are that you already are using this type of battery. Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries are likely present in your:

  • Wristwatch
  • Mobile Phone
  • Laptop computer
  • Digital camera


The type of li-ion batteries used in Milwaukee cordless power tools are rechargeable as well. The ability to recharge batteries for reuse is one reason why these tools are so popular. Battery University tracks a number of interesting statistics on li-ion batteries:

  • Li-ion batteries account for 65% of sales of rechargeable batteries worldwide.
  • In 2009, 3,780 metric tons of lithium were used to produce li-ion batteries - much of it from China.
  • Japan produces 80% of li-ion batteries worldwide, or about 4.34 billion units a year.
  • Prices for these batteries have dropped as much as 50% within the past few years, making them much more affordable.

Care of Rechargeable Cordless Power Tools

Prevent the need for Milwaukee tool repair

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service always recommends that customers follow the manufacturer instructions included in the owner’s manual. Proper care of your tools will reduce any need for Milwaukee power tool repair. Below are some general tips below are good to follow when caring for your cordless power tools:

  • Keep Battery Charged
  • Charge Battery Completely
  • Store Battery Properly
  • Have a Backup Battery Handy
  • Don’t Run Battery All the Way Down

Care of Corded Power Tools

Inspect tools carefully for need of tool repair

Many people have different sets of tools as they update or replace older ones. So chances are, unless you’ve recently purchased an entire new set of power tools, you still have a few that are corded. Corded power tools are important to take care of as well. In fact, your safety depends on it. Before using corded power tools, be sure to:

  • Inspect the plug for any exposed wires or wear.
  • Make sure the prongs are in good condition with none missing or bent.
  • Check the entire cord for signs of pinching as shorts can occur when wires are damaged.
  • Look for exposed insulation or wires if the plastic or rubber cord is worn through.
  • If you notice or suspect cord damage before using a power tool, bring it into Ideal Tool & Power Service.

Tool Repair for Milwaukee brand tools

Choose Ideal Tool for tool repair in Philadelphia

Ideal Tool and Power Equipment Service knows you expect your tools to last a long time - and they should. With proper care and maintenance, your investment should serve you for many years.  When you have any doubts about the condition or care of your Milwaukee power tools, we hope you turn to us for help. Our repair technicians are qualified and certified to take care of any Milwaukee power tool repair needs.

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