Meticulous Maintenance for Milwaukee Power Tools

Homeowners who successfully repair or renovate their homes need dependable power tools. Milwaukee makes some of the best around. But power tools only work well if they've been well-maintained. Who should you choose to clean, inspect, lubricate, debug and test your investment? Your best bet is a Milwaukee-certified professional, like those we hire at Ideal Tool & Equipment Service for Milwaukee power tool repair.

Our repair personnel always use meticulous maintenance when they work with your tools. They know it�s the most effective way to ensure good, thorough service. The result? Your tools are returned to you in absolutely impeccable, safe working condition. Meticulous maintenance isn't the fastest way to fix tools, but in the long run, it is the most efficient because it extends their life.

Meticulous maintenance is a phrase that has long been associated with the servicing of boats, airplanes, cars, machine tools and even homes, but we at Ideal Tool and Equipment service feel it's an entirely appropriate approach to take with your Milwaukee power tools. To us, meticulous maintenance is a sign of craftsmanship.

Why is Now the Time to Perform Tool Maintenance?

Homeowners are doing the job themselves. According to government figures, during the most recent three-year period for which figures are available, nationwide homeowners spent almost $360 billion on home improvements. That means that in the Philadelphia area alone, we spent about $36 million, or 1% of the national average.

57% of all U.S. homeowners made improvements. Almost 25% of these improvements resulted in improved energy efficiency.

Depending on the type of project homeowners chose to work on, they spent these median amounts:

  • $2,400 on bathroom renovations and remodels
  • $4,500 on roofing jobs
  • $5,000 on kitchens
  • $15,000 on garages

These are interesting numbers, to be sure. But here�s the most telling statistic:

  • 44 of 119 million home improvement projects were done by Do-It-Yourselfers. This means 37% of projects were done by homeowners themselves!

Meticulous Maintenance Procedures

When we receive your power tools for maintenance or repair we observe the following procedures (depending on the tool and manufacturer instructions):

  • Record owner information and comments regarding the tool
  • Begin the tracking process
  • Deliver the tool to a certified technician
  • Careful disassembly of the power tool
  • Clean gears, motor, brushes, etc.
  • Inspect electrical, mechanical and fluid system(s)
  • Professional consultation
  • Order any required replacement parts
  • Repair internal parts and casing, if necessary
  • Calibrate or adjust tolerances
  • Reassemble and test
  • Inspect power cord and plug
  • Final testing and troubleshooting
  • Return power tool to you
  • Review work done, and answer any questions you have

Communication and Professional Treatment

Meticulous maintenance doesn't end with the attention and care we give your Milwaukee power tools, though. We can communicate where we are in the process of repairing or servicing your tools whenever you need to know. When you choose our qualified technicians to do the job, you can expect the following:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Attention to detail
  • Dependability
  • Attentiveness to your needs
  • Ability to answer your questions
  • Analytic problem solving

Top-notch Milwaukee power tool repair is a priority to us at Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, but it goes along with ensuring that you, the customer, are treated with respect and professionalism. Meticulous maintenance goes hand-in-hand with treating the customer right. One simply doesn't happen without the other.

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