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Since the early 1920s, Milwaukee has maintained a long-standing reputation as being a premier developer and manufacturer of reliable power tools for every level of construction expertise. So whether you're a hobbyist with a basement or garage workshop, a home renovator, a building investor sprucing up rentals, or have your own contracting business, Ideal Tool & Service Equipment has what you need. Call us at (212)-925-0672, or fax us at (215)-440-9786, during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4p.m. Our certified and authorized technicians handle every aspect of maintenance and repair for Milwaukee's power tools, such as the following:

  • Cordless: Cordless tools have the obvious advantages of being easier to take with you, and operating when electricity may not be available. Brushless, compact hammer, and right angle drills, lithium-ion powered braking grinders, Force Logicâ�¢ press tools, variable speed polishers/sanders, deep cut band, circular, metal cutting, and reciprocal saws, double and single cut shears, and impact wrenches are amongst the selections.

  • Corded: For work that requires strength and power that simply can't be contained as cordless, Milwaukee has you covered. There are die, large and small angle, and straight grinders, random orbit and sheet palm sanders, and dial speed polishers, rotary and demolition hammers, angled, compact, D-handle, hammer, magnum, and pistol grip drills and electromagnetic drill presses, and band, circular, miter, orbital jig, and reciprocal saws.

Milwaukee also has an extensive line of accessories. You can keep your tool in constant great shape with SAWZALL® and HACKZALL� blades, various size gauge punches, dies, and center, left, and right shear blades, masonry, step, twist, and wood boring bits, annular and carbide cutters, abrasive cups and wheels, flap discs, 4-28V batteries, magnetic nut drivers, chargers, lubricating oils, sockets and adapters, and SHOCKWAVE� driver bits. They also make cables, electrical test lead sets, infra-red temperature guns, thermal imagers, voltage detectors, clamp, fork, laser distance, and temperature meters, and inspection camera kits.

Having a set of durable power tools is as commonplace these days as having a ready-for-anything first aid kit, or mobile chargers for every handheld device.'s report that ranked Philadelphia as second in the top ten list for home buyers makes Milwaukee tools a practical and wise part of acquiring a new house. Once you determine what tools are needed for the job, narrow the search by considering:

  • Weight: Are you better off handling a lightweight tool, or does the weight not matter?
  • Single or Multiple Purpose: Is it more cost effective to have a tool that's only for the specific work, or would it be better to have one designed for multiple uses?
  • Ease of Use: Are you already familiar with handling this type of tool, or will you need tutorials and more knowledge?
  • Corded or Cordless: Does your project require heavy duty equipment that's corded, or can it be worked on with a cordless tool? Are you more comfortable handling one type over the other?
  • Stand Alone or Combo: As with other factors, this may also depend on personal preference, purpose, and/or budget. Is there more practicality in buying your tool by itself, or if it's available as part of a combo kit, would that be more beneficial?

Contact Ideal Tool & Equipment Service for advice about what Milwaukee power tools to use for your commercial, residential, or personal project, how best to care for those tools, and when repairs are needed. Our 456 N. 8th St. Philadelphia location is convenient to get to if you live or work in Center City, if you're taking the bus or Broad Street Line, or driving. You can also email us at, if you'd like to set up a particular time to come in.

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