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Mixing & Tinting Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Mixing and Tinting Equipment, is commonly sought out, by homeowners and contractors, for their painting needs. This specialized equipment, is found in retail paint stores, and home centers.

Paint mixers vary in capability. There are 1 gallon mixers, 5 gallon mixers, and multi-sized mixers. The latter, are capable of mixing cans from 1 pint, up to 5 gallons. That said, some of the 1 gallon mixers, come with 1 pint, and 1 quart can adapters.

Mixing action can be had by, shaking or vibrating. More expensive painting mixers, utilize vortex action. This motion, causes the paint can to spin and rotate, at the same time. Another type, uses gyroscopic motion.

Tinting Equipment

Tinting equipment comes in either manual or automatic modes. Manual colorant dispensers usually consist of a series of nylon tubes, mounted on a rotating table. Incremental guides, tell the user, how much colorant to dispense, which is done, by operating a manually operated lever.

Automatic tinting equipment is more self-contained, than manual tinting equipment, and takes up less space. New automatic pump technology, eliminates the need for valves, and offers unprecedented accuracy.

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service at (212) 925-0672, can perform service and repair on the following brands. We have an extensive parts inventory, for any problem, you may encounter. l

Mixing & Tinting Equipment Manufacturers

  • HERO Products Group, has a compliment of paint mixers for every use. The HERO S2425 is a 1-gallon Multi-Mix mixer, that uses vortex action to mix the paint. It comes with pint and quart can adapters. The S2850M HERO Fusion-Gyro, is the latest addition, to the HERO line. It's capable of mixing 1 pint to 5 gallon cans, using gyroscopic motion.
  • Tinting equipment, is another line of the Hero Products Group. Manual tinting equipment, like the D23 S Rotary Colorant Dispenser, features polymer nylon canisters, ergonomically designed valve handles, a rotating table, and easy conversion from counter-top to floor stand. Automatic Colorant Dispensers, start with the A-100 Archimede Light Sequential, featuring Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP), dispensing.
  • Red Devil Equipment Company, has a line of paint mixers, in the 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and multi-use categories. The Red Devil 1015 Speed Demon 1, is a 1-gallon vortex mixer. It features include a gear drive system, drop in loading, pint and quart adapters, and a digital display timer. The newest mixer, is the Red Devil XVL 55, multi-size shaker. It's capable of mixing all sorts of architectural paints and primers. It can mix pints up to 5 gallon cans, including cases of paint.

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