Nail Gun Repairs

Nail guns are used throughout the construction industry. They end up being much faster and more efficient when compared to a regular hammer and nails, so it�s no wonder they�re so widely used.

Because nail guns are predominantly used in construction environments, they build up dirt and wear far quicker than your average DIY tool. This is where the Ideal Tool repair shop comes in, whose factory-trained technicians have no problem with inspecting, refurbishing and even replacing your nail gun.

The servicemen at Ideal Tool Repair have been carrying out nail gun repairs for decades, so they�ll handle anything you throw at them with a smile.


Problems frequently displayed by a faulty nail gun, and easily repaired by Ideal Tool, include:

  • No action when the trigger is pulled.
  • Air leak through the top head exhaust port.
  • Air leak through the trigger.
  • The nail driver refuses to retract back into the nail gun.
  • Fasteners refuse to countersink.
  • O-rings wearing down to the point of obvious replacement.


A nail gun is an incredibly dangerous tool, with which 28,000 people are injured each year, so be very careful when handling one. The following tips can help prevent injury and keep your nail gun in good repair:

  • Testing - Remove the nail gunâ��s outer frame and test all of the moving parts to ensure smooth operation. If a component feels stiff, lubricate it with the appropriate machine oil.
  • Cleaning - Dirt inside the nozzle of the gun can prevent the driver from retracting. Making sure that the nail gun is disconnected from its gas supply, clean the nozzle out gently and test the nail driverâ��s retraction.
  • O-rings - O-rings are the most readily worn down component in a nail gun. Frequently check the O-ringsâ�� condition and note any that look cracked, worn or tattered. Taking the O-rings to be replaced by a qualified technician will help ensure continued safety and efficient nailing.
  • Safety - Due to the dangerous nature of a nail gun, wearing a very tough pair of safety glasses is highly recommended.

WARNING: A nail gun is an incredibly dangerous piece of equipment. Tens of thousands are injured each year by faulty or misused nail guns. Whenever operating a nail gun, be very cautious of your surroundings and of any people in the near vicinity.

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service is your source for prompt and complete parts replacement and service by technicians you can trust. We're a family-owned brick and mortar business, servicing generations of cordless power tool users in Philadelphia and the tri-state area since 1952.

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