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Nail guns are a vital part of residential, commercial, professional, and DIY construction, but not all are created equal. Paslode has been a leading manufacturer of pneumatic nail guns for over fifty years, and of gas powered nail guns since the mid-1980s. Located between Willow and Spring Garden Streets, at 456 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, PA., Ideal Tool & Equipment Service is an authorized seller and repair shop for this premium tool line. Our technicians are highly skilled and knowledgable about Paslode, and provide expert maintenance and repair for the full line, including:

  • Roofing Nailers: As suggested by the name, this nailer is best for new and renovated roof projects, as it handles shingles and insulation boards of various materials.

  • Pallet and Crating Nailers: Perfect for projects involving flooring, crates, framing, roofs, or pallets. Paslode makes a nice pneumatic coil nailer, which delivers terrific speed and maximum power, while also being able to get into tight and hard to reach spots.

  • Framing Nailers: These are the tools that tackle a variety of surfaces and large scale projects, ranging from flooring to deck building to roofing, and utilizing nails of various sizes and shapes. If you haven't yet, check out Paslode's Compact Framing Nailer, which weighs less than six pounds, and makes it so much easier to work at odd angles.

  • Finish and Brad Nailers: Use these as the name implies, for brad nails, which are very tiny and almost impossible to accurately insert into wood with a hammer. These are the nails you would usually find in decorative projects and trims. Finish nails are larger and stronger than brads, and are common in shelving and crown molding. There are some great cordless and angled models for this.

Nails for these guns naturally vary, according to type. Common ones are ring, ring hot dip galvanized, and smooth RounDrives with fuel cells, straight and angled, straight galvanized or stainless steel brads, heat treated galvanized, and coil roofing.

Depending on the scope of your project, construction staplers may be better. Some materials will hold better with staples, and Paslode covers this aspect as well, with tools for this category. Medium crown models are good for roof and soft wall sheathing and vinyl insulation, for example, while wide crown ones are definitely a choice for cabinetry work. If you need to do some underlayment, cabinet reinforcement, or molding, consider the narrow crown. Typical staple gauges include 14, 30, and 50, in addition to corrugated fasteners.

To help maintain the longevity of your gun or stapler, stick with accessories made specifically for Paslode. There are framer tune-up kits, nailer rebuild kits, lithium ion and Impulse batteries, battery and car chargers, oils, fuel cells, and No-Mar tips.

With their ease of use, convenience, and practical purpose, pneumatic and gas nail guns are popular with men and women homeowners, renovators, and construction crews. Caution, however, must be taken when operating this tool, since according to a CDC report cited by OSHA, approximately 37,000 injuries per year result in emergency treatment. When using Paslode nail guns, apply common sense and stick to the following:

  • Keep dangling jewelry and clothing away
  • Tie long hair back
  • Wear thick clothing, safety goggles, and a hard hat
  • Do not disable safety features
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and even
  • Never point towards yourself, or aim at a person or animal

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., by phone at (212)-925-0672, fax at (215)-440-9786, or at our Center City shop. You can also email us any time regarding questions, advice, product availability, and maintenance and repair appoinments for Paslode nail guns at

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