Nailer or Nail Gun? Paslode Delivers

Do you call them nail guns or nailers? The Paslode company calls its series of nail guns "nailers." Both of these terms refer to tools that drive fasteners into surfaces by pressure or force. The Paslode brand name stands out among all manufacturers of these power tools. Paslode nailers are award-winning. If you own one of these award-winning nailers, get a certified service technician to deal with any Paslode nail gun repair you need. Ideal Tool & Equipment Service hires only the most qualified technicians to work on your tools - including those certified by Paslode.

The old fashioned method of using a hammer is fine for small projects, but if you want to speed things up, nothing is more useful than a Paslode nailer. Homeowners and professional carpenters use nailers to make their work faster. Nailers are especially useful for major repair or renovation projects like roof repair, flooring installation, and framing.

Nail Gun Numbers and Statistics

Nail guns are impressive tools. Consider some of the statistics related to their power and speed. They can:

  • Drive nails with 90 lbs of air pressure, and nail 20 to 50 times faster than someone nailing by hand with a hammer.
  • Fire up to nine nails per second at velocities as high as 1,400 ft. per second.

These tools are definitely fast and powerful. This means they should be taken seriously, and be handled with care. Be aware:

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nail guns cause 37,000 injuries a year.
  • 32% of the injured were consumers.
  • Studies have found that 30% of nailer injuries were from nails that ricocheted, and 40% were from nails that had been accidentally projected from the machine.

Because nailers are so powerful, it is essential that you use them correctly, and follow safety precautions. Keep your tools well-maintained, and take care of Paslode nail gun repair before starting any project. Selecting the best nailer type for the job plays into safe use as well.

Nail Gun Types

Nail guns or nailers are often discussed in terms of the type and size of fastener they use. The smallest fasteners from smallest to largest are:

  • Brad nails for panelling, trim, and on window casing.
  • Finishing nails (or staples) for laminate flooring.
  • Roofing nails for asphalt shingles, fiber cement siding and roofing, and vinyl siding.
  • Framing nails for walls, sub-flooring, and roofs.
  • Concrete nails for nailing wood to concrete.

Every nailer is suited for one specific size of fastener or nail, so selecting the right tool for the job is essential. Be aware of the brand of fastener you need to purchase before starting any job. Paslode fasteners and cartridges are recommended for use in Paslode nail guns.

Another way nail guns are classified is by the type of energy they use: electric, pneumatic, or explosive.

  • Electric nailers use a spring or electromagnetic field to propel the nail or fastener.
  • Pneumatic nail guns use compressed air to propel the nail
  • Explosive nailers have a combustible chamber that forces the nail into hard surface like concrete. Most â��cordlessâ�� nail guns fall into this category.

Now when you review some of the more popular Paslode nailer models, you can understand the type of job they�re made for, and a bit about how they work. All Paslode nailer descriptions tell you the type of power used, and what kind of nail they are made for:

  • PF350S PowerFramerâ�¢ 30º Framing Nailer
  • R175-C Roofing Coil Nailer
  • Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer
  • Cordless 16 Ga Angled Finish Nailer
  • T200-F18 18 Gauge Brad Finish Air Nailer

Caring for Your Paslode Nailer

There are resources online to help you with basic Paslode nailer maintenance, such as the their FAQ on Nailers. When in doubt, though, bring it into Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, so that a qualified technician can address any Paslode nail gun repair you need.

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