Paslode Power Tools

In 1940 Paslode created the first Stapling Hammer.

In 1959, Paslode developed the world's first Pnuematic nailer, and by 1986 they had created the Impulse range of gas actuated nailing systems, commonly referred to as a nail gun. Currently, Paslode manufactures nailguns and accessories.

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Traditions and stereotypes mean women do not always learn repair techniques, or renovation tips from their fathers, as many men may have. So where can women learn how to skillfully wield the power tools they are purchasing?

Power tool companies like Paslode are doing provide online resources such as instructional videos, like the ones below, so that anyone can pick up these skills or obtain Paslode tool repair.

Read more about the Do-it-Herself movement, and how Ideal Tool can help you get repair for your Paslode tool repair.

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