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Pipe Threaders

Pipe threaders typically fall into three categories:

  • Manual pipe threaders
  • Portable electric pipe threaders
  • Industrial pipe threaders

The smallest type of pipe threader is the manual pipe threader, which is operated by hand. These come in two different sizes to account for the wide range of pipes that professionals will need to thread in the field. These are simple to use and relatively inexpensive.

Portable electric pipe threaders are powerful machines that are capable of quickly threading a large number of pipes. These are often used onsite in applications where many pipes need to be threaded. These come in various different sizes, ranging from handheld tools that can be carried in one hand to heavy-duty machines that have wheels to assist in movement. Due to the high amount of stress that these machines endure, these are generally the type of threading tool that needs to be repaired or maintained.

Industrial pipe threaders are the machines that are used in the oil industry. Some of these machines weigh several tons and even have digital displays and controls for making minute adjustments to threading measurements. Pipe threading is usually just one of several functions of industrial machines of this stature. We don�t see too many of these in the shop!

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, at (212) 925-3370, offers factory-authorized repair services for a number of different brands. If you don�t see you brand on the list, that doesn�t mean that we can�t help. Call us at the number above to speak to a knowledgeable professional to find out how we can assist you.

How Pipe Threaders Work

Pipe threaders function in primarily the same way whether they use electrical power or manpower to cut threading. These are the basic components of a pipe threader:

  • Select a die head according to the size and type of pipe that you are threading
  • The pipe must be cut into the desired length and then securely held stationary in a vise
  • The die head is attached to the threader and placed over the pipe to be threaded
  • Here you will either manually or electrically thread the tool with the die head, applying threading oil generously throughout the process.

The process is pretty rough on machines, so they require a lot of routine maintenance and sometimes mechanical repairs to ensure proper functioning. For pipe threader repair, please contact Ideal Tool and Equipment Service at (212)-925-0672. Fast, professional, factory-trained personnel are available from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also fax us at (215) 925-0672 or (215) 440-9786. Our e-mail address is

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