Pipe Threaders

Pipe threaders come in three main varieties: firstly there�s the larger power threading machines, then there�s the small electrical handheld threading machines and lastly the manual threading machines, which are usually quite small. Because of the high stress levels experienced by these tools as they cut thread into pipe, frequent repairs and maintenance are common. However, all of the factory certified folks over at Ideal Tool are perfectly capable of repairing and maintaining your tools to help them live a long, productive life.

Frequent problems run into by customers, and repaired or advised on by Ideal Tool, are:

  • Torn, wavy, chattered, stripping, off-centred, tapered, inconsistently sized and oversized threads.
  • A die wearing out too quickly or one that is too difficult to move, its teeth breaking, wearing off and chipping.
  • Roller cutter wheels breaking.
  • Electrical faults, such as overloads or a lack of threading power.
  • The motors of the electrical threaders lacking in power or battling to thread - even completely inoperable.

Dies, which are the cutting components responsible for the threads cut into the pipe, all eventually wear out. If that happens be sure to chat to one of Ideal Tool� technicians, who will readily set you up with a replacement die of the same size. They�ll also cover all of your machine lubrication needs!

Any handyman (or woman) can easily help prevent unnecessary trips to the Ideal Tool technicians by following some basic care and operating tips!

  • Electrical - Never connect large power threading machines to a circuit already running other appliances. These pieces of equipment are very current-heavy and can overload and ruin a thread if not solely run off a circuit.
  • Dirt - Grime and grit can quickly build up on and between metal surfaces, which, when frequently moving, can rapidly cause wear. Prevent this by running your equipment in a clean environment and wiping it down after use.
  • Pipe Coating - The coating on the pipe you are threading slowly gets removed during the process and this can accumulate and cause wear. Prevent this by using liberal amounts of the correct brand and type of machine lubricant.
  • Thread Sizes - Inconsistent thread sizes are very frustrating and wasteful, but quite common. These can be caused by loose die bolts or dirty die heads. Keeping things bolted nice and tight and frequently disassembling and cleaning the dies can prevent these quite easily.
  • Level - Keeping the threading machine level and stable helps keep the thread straight and even, which might otherwise be inconsistent or wavy.
  • Lubrication - Lubricating the motor transmission, all the moving parts and the die heads with the appropriate machine lubricants can help prevent metal wear and increase the lifespan of the tools.

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service is your source for prompt and complete parts replacement and service by technicians you can trust. We're a family-owned brick and mortar business, servicing generations of cordless power tool users in Philadelphia and the tri-state area since 1952.

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