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Nailing It With Tool Repair: The History of The Hammer

Hammers are handy tools that have long served the human race for thousands of years. Evolving from stone to steel, the hammer is a basic tool that has progressed into multiple variations over the last few centuries.

While our focus on tool repair is with pneumatic hammers, we think the traditional hammer deserves its own place in the spotlight. They�re one of the oldest woodworking tools in the world and have certainly earned their respect.

Tool Repair And Hammers: A Product of The Stone Age

The hammer dates back to 30,000 BC when cavemen attached stones to sticks with strips of leather. This primitive version of the hammer likely helped cavemen with hunting and other tasks. However, we can�t imagine tool repair for this sort of hammer to be too complicated.

After all, we�re only talking about a stick and a stone.

Evolution of Tool Repair And Hammers In The Eighteenth Century

Toolmakers of the eighteenth century produced multiple types of hammers, including:

  • Claw hammers: used for pounding and removing pegs and nails
  • Riveting hammers: used for driving brads into tight spaces
  • Ship builders hammers: used to countersink wooden pins and spikes
  • Lathing hammers: included a blade to split and cut wooden strips

Hammers and tool repair really began to make a turn in the eighteenth century, but they�re no match for today�s powerful upgrades.

Pneumatic Hammers: Fast Track To Getting The Job Done

If you aren�t up to pounding away with a traditional hammer, air hammers are the next best option. You can strike a piece of wood with the pull of a trigger quickly and accurately�it doesn�t get much better than that.

Get The Most Out Of Your Air Hammers With Expert Tool Repair

If you�re in a pinch, the traditional hammer can help you when your air hammer fails. But if you need to get your pneumatic hammer back in its game, contact Ideal Tool at 215-925-0672.

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