Pneumatic Pop Rivet Guns, use approx. 85 psi of compressed air to operate. The regulated air, passes through a valve in the tool, which is controlled by a trigger mechanism. Squeezing the trigger, opens the valve, which allows pressurized air into the piston. When the trigger is released, pressurized air escapes, and the piston is forced against the rivet. This action, pulls the tail of the rivet into the head, and compresses the rivet, securing the work.

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, at (212) 925-0672, is a parts and repair center, for most major brands, of pneumatic pop riveters.

  • Chicago-Pneumatic-Red & Black are the distinguishing colors of Chicago-Pneumatic, which was founded in 1889. Since that time, the company, has expanded their product lines, from pneumatic hammers, to all sorts of power tools and equipment, for the construction industry.

    Chicago-Pneumatic Model CP9882, is an easy to use and reliable pop riveter. It's compact size and easy maintenance, is perfect for all kinds of simple uses, such as trailer panels. CP9883, is a light weight and strong pneumatic pop riveter, used for general maintenance, and light-production. The heavy duty CP9884, is for heavier-duty applications, with a pulling force of 3,350 lbs.

  • Avdel is now part of Stanley-Bostitch Co. The new subsidiary is now known as Stanley Engineered Fastening. Avdel has been a technology leader for over 75 years. Their line of fasteners and tooling, is one of the widest, in the marketplace.

    Avdel produces a complete line of fastening systems for every need.

    • Breakstem & Lockbolt Systems-The Genesis nG Range, features, a lightweight, ergonomic design, adjustable vacuum airflow, and minimized air consumption.
    • Speed Fastening Systems-The Advel 7537, pneumatic pop riveter, is a lightweight, yet tough fastener. It has a rapid recycling time, and can be suspended for production type work.
    • Blind Threaded Inserts-Advel has a heavy-duty pop riveter, Model 74500. It utilizes larger Avdel threaded inserts. Features include, one step trigger, lightweight design, spin-on, pull-up, spin-off action, and Hydro-Pneumatic operation.

Pneumatic Pop Rivet Tool Safety Tips

  • Normal physical or chemical hazards are not associated with pneumatic pop riveters.
  • Air exhausted from Pneumatic Tools may contain small amounts of mineral oil.
  • Prolonged contact with oils and lubricants, may cause skin disorders.

Parts, Service and Repair of Pneumatic Pop Riveters, is available at Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, at (215) 925-0672. Were located at 456 North 8th St., Philadelphia, PA-19123. (See Map).

Our business hours, are Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You may fax us at (215) 440-9786, or Email us at,

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