Pneumatic Pop Riveters

Pneumatic pop rivet guns are a must-have tool in any serious DIYers toolbox, not to mention the hundreds of different industries that use them in various sorts of manufacturing. Whether you�re assembling a metal wall, building an aircraft or making a car, odds are you�ll end up using a handheld pneumatic pop riveter.

If you need your rivet gun repaired or replaced though, there�s no one better to do it than the factory-trained technicians over at the Ideal Tool repair shop! With decades of experience, Ideal Tool can fix and replace almost every tool from any manufacturer around the globe.

Due to the high pressures involved when operating pneumatic tools, component failure can easily occur if your tool�s pressure is set too high. It�s recommended to always follow your owner�s manual�s instructions with regards to a safe operating pressure.


Regardless of the model or make of your pneumatic pop riveter, there�s always a solution to be found at Ideal Tool! Here are a few of the most common repairs carried out on pneumatic pop rivet guns:

  • Overall tool inspection, disassembly and refurbishment.
  • General component replacement.
  • Fastener inspection and replacement.
  • Seal checking and replacement.
  • Hydraulic fluid top-ups.
  • Tool lubrication.
  • Electrical refurbishments and switch replacements


By letting your tools fall into disrepair, you�re forcing yourself to waste both time and money on repairs you could have helped prevent. But, by using the following tips you�ll be able to keep up consistent user maintenance that can prolong the lifespan of your pneumatic pop riveter, and ensure your own safety as well.

  • Jaw Teeth â�� Regularly clean and review the state of the pneumatic pop rivet gunâ��s jaw teeth for wear or bluntness. Replace the jaw teeth at Ideal Tool if necessary.
  • Lubricate â�� Frequently remove the toolâ��s outer housing and lubricate all of the moving parts, being careful not to overdo the lubrication.
  • Fastening Jaw â�� Ensure that the jaw guide, nose housing and nosepiece are all securely fastened and operating smoothly.
  • Fastening Clamp â�� Ensure that the clamp nut and the clamp screw are properly fastened - tighten with the appropriate tools if necessary.
  • Piston Rod â�� Check that the connection between the piston rod and the pulling head adapter is secure.
  • Storage â�� Wipe any excess dirt and lubricant off before storing the pneumatic pop riveter, preferably a dry are such as a cupboard or tool box.
  • Safety - Because of the potentially dangerous nature of a pneumatic pop riveter, be sure to wear hardened safety glasses and workmenâ��s gloves when operating the tool.

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service is your source for prompt and complete parts replacement and service by technicians you can trust. We're a family-owned brick and mortar business, servicing generations of cordless power tool users in Philadelphia and the tri-state area since 1952.

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