Portable Generators

With natural storms so frequent in certain parts of the country, and not to mention the occasional power outage, owning a portable generator is becoming more and more common - not to mention the thousands bought for camping trips and home DIY jobs!

Portable generators are actually heavy pieces of machinery though, and as such need to be maintained and serviced regularly in order to ensure your safety and the longevity of your generator.

Many people don�t realise that you have to maintain your generator as well as you might maintain your car engine - if you think about it, they both share the same basic components. Luckily, the friendly technicians at the Ideal Tool repair shop know exactly how to keep that generator of yours purring for years to come.


Ideal Tool can repair or replace any component from your personal generator if needed, but here are a few of the most common maintenance jobs and repairs they perform:

  • Annual engine services.
  • Replacing a generator battery.
  • Replacing worn sparkplugs.
  • Replacing corroded or worn out bolts.
  • Calibration of the fuel pump, turbocharger, injectors and the automatic voltage regulator.


Keeping a personal generator in good working order, not to mention prolonging its lifespan well beyond the warranty, are both easily achieved with some consistent and proper user maintenance.

  • Servicing - Keep a service book, like you would for a car, and be sure to service the generator annually and after extended periods of usage - much like a car engine. You can keep track of all maintenance in your handy service book!
  • Running - Running the generator and checking the fuel quality every few weeks will keep the engine well lubricated and in good working condition, meaning you wonâ��t be suddenly be left without power in the middle of a storm.
  • Inspection - Check the overall condition of the generator every few months. Watch out for signs of corrosion, loose wires, stuck buttons, loose bolts, filters passed their use and low water levels in the generatorâ��s battery.
  • Lubrication - Every few months, or after extended usage, make sure the generator is properly lubricated and has a stable oil level. Replace the oil in an air cooled model with synthetic oil every 30 - 40 hours of usage, and in a liquid cooled model after every 100 hours of usage.
  • Storage - Proper storage of a portable generator is incredibly important to ensure a long operating life. Always clean the generator before and after use, let it cool down after use and cover it with a large tarp or sheet when storing.

WARNING:Carbon monoxide, which is created by your portable generator, is a highly toxic fume. It is invisible and can quickly build up to harmful levels. Be sure to only ever run a generator outside or in an extremely well ventilated space. If you think you may have carbon monoxide poisoning, visit a hospital as soon as possible.

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