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Portable Generators

From hurricanes to torandoes, floods to snowstorms, equipment, like Briggs & Stratton Portable Generators, have saved the day. With lightweight portability, and consistent power, these compact generators, have kept people safe, and helped contractors rebuild.

Due to recent technology, portable generators, take up less than a few cubic feet, and weigh less, than 50 pounds. They can be easily carried, stored or used, in recreational RV's, boats and cars

Unlike their larger cousins, portable generators, use specialized mufflers and sound-dampening technology, to run quieter. "Inverter" technology, using microprocessors, provides AC power at 110-120VAC @ 60Hz. (Standard household current). This is especially important, for running, other electronic equipment such as kitchen appliances, TV's or power tools.

Because of their size and portability, portable generators, generate between 1000-4000 watts of power.

Whether a normal or emergency situation, you want to make sure, that your portable generator is maintained on a regular basis. If you don't know how, or need it serviced, contact Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, at (212) 925-0672.

Portable Generator Repair

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, at (212) 925-0672, is a manufacturer approved service center, for some of the following brands:

  • Milwaukee Portable Generators are built to the exacting standards of the company, which is spelled out, in their motto; "Tools Built With A Purpose." Exemplifying their professional equipment, is the Milwaukee Portable Generator 4960-24.

  • Makita Portable Generators-The companies G1100 portable generator, measures just 19-1/2 by 11-3/4 by 17-1/2 inches. It's 2.5 HP OHV gas engine, produces 1100 watts of power, with an AC output of 120V. Their largest generator, is the Makita G6100R, that produces 5800 watts of power, with an AC voltage of 120V/240V @60HZ.

  • Hitachi Portable Generator-In 1980, the Hitachi Company, brought it's research and development skills to America, forming Hitachi Power Tools U.S.A. After successfully introducing it's line of framing nailers, and compound mitre saws, Hitachi, has steadily grown, into a well respected manufacturer of power equipment, like this Hitachi E43, 4300 watt, 8 HP, portable generator.

  • RIGID Portable Generators-"Building Tools that Build Reputations," is RIGIDS motto. The company manufactures' three generators, all of which are designed for the professional in mind. The smallest produces 3600 watts, at 120V AC. The RIGID 5700 and 6800, are commercially rated, and produce 120V/240V @ 60HZ.

  • Porter-Cable Portable Generators-Porter-Cable, founded in 1906, is one of the oldest, most respected tool companies in America. Their line of 13 portable gas generators range from 3.25 kW to 10 kw. They are designed for home or contractor use.

Types of Portable Generators

Keeping a personal generator in good working order, not to mention prolonging its lifespan well beyond the warranty, are both easily achieved with some consistent and proper user maintenance.

  • Recreational Portable Generators-They are usually gasoline powered, and use "inverter" technology, to make them super quiet. They produce the "cleanest power," meaning they produce household current of 110-120VAC.
  • Residential Portable Generators-Excellent generator to power up refrigerators/freezers, pumps, furnaces and lights, when the power goes off. May run on gasoline, L.P, or Natural Gas.
  • Portable Construction Generators-These heavy duty generators, are used in residential and commercial construction. They're single phase, gasoline or diesel powered.

Portable Construction Generators-These heavy duty generators, are used in residential and commercial construction. They're single phase, gasoline or diesel powered. Carbon monoxide, which is created by your portable generator, is a highly toxic fume. It is invisible and can quickly build up to harmful levels. Be sure to only ever run a generator outside or in an extremely well ventilated space. If you think you may have carbon monoxide poisoning, visit a hospital as soon as possible.

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