Open Concept Home Improvement Projects

Do you wonder how your home stacks up against others in your the Philadelphia area? Of course, there are so many factors involved in making comparisons like that - not the least of which are personal preferences and lifestyle. If you are considering a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, or contemplating a large renovation, make sure your tools are in good working order before you start. Ideal Tool and Equipment Service hires only the most qualified technicians to handle your power tool repair.

What Does the Average Home Look Like?

The Philadelphia area hosts a wide variety of homes, old and new, so in a sense there is no “average” home. One thing you might consider, however, is looking at some of the qualities of new homes being built. How does the living space in your 1980s home compare to new residential construction?

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently released statistics regarding typical room size and space allocation that new home builders are designing. The NAHB survey showed the following:

  • Family rooms in newly-built homes average 550 sq. feet.
  • Living rooms average  404 sq. feet.
  • Master bedrooms average 309 sq. feet.
  • Kitchens average 306 sq. feet.
  • Bathrooms comprise an average of 12.3% of a newly built home’s space.
  • Laundry rooms take up about 3.7% of a new home’s space.

If your older home does not meet these averages, don’t despair. You can make relatively inexpensive renovations that address the need for space. Ideal Tool & Equipment can get you ready, and address your power tool repair needs.

Open Concept

If your home was built before the 1990s, its rooms may be a bit smaller and designed a differently than newer homes. Beginning in the 1980s, new homes were more likely built with an “open concept” floor plan. Open floor design offers open spaces, and fewer barriers between rooms. The kitchen becomes the kitchen-dining area, which may “flow” into the living room. The front entry opens into a living room that provides open access to the family room.

Open floor concept design offers the following advantages:

  • More open space and natural light: Fewer walls allow light from windows to flow into more space, which reduces the need for lamps and ceiling fixtures.
  • Enhanced communal space: Open floor plans offer extended views - helping parents watch their young children. With no walls separating popular rooms, mom and dad can watch the kids from the kitchen, living room, or dining area.
  • Great entertainment area: Your guests will enjoy being able to sit in the living room and talk to you as you make the final dinner preparations in the kitchen. Mixing and mingling during the party becomes much easier without walls and doors to navigate.
  • Bigger feel: Open spaces feel more spacious. Safely removing barriers between rooms will make your whole house seem bigger.

Disadvantages to open floor plans include:

  • Less room for wall art: With fewer wall space available, you may need to reconsider your decorative plans.
  • Noisier environment: Fewer walls mean noise will travel throughout your house easier.
  • Can’t hide the clutter: If your home is not kept neat, open floor plans can make them seem even messier.

Planning Ahead

Making major changes in your home is a big step. If you are on the fence about whether you want to remove some walls in your home, use online resources to get more ideas, and have your home inspected to see what changes you might be able to make.

If you plan on renovating your older home to a more open concept floor plan, assess the condition of your power tools before beginning any work. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a job interrupted and delayed because of equipment failure. For power tool repair, come to Ideal Tool & Equipment Service.


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