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Tecumseh is a manufacturing entity, which developed the first compressor for consumer refrigerators in 1937. Over time, the company became famous, for commercial refrigeration and central home conditioning units. In 1953 Tecumseh's expertise, resulted in air conditioning compressors, for the automotive industry.

In 1956, the company purchased Lauson Manufacturing Company, which was founded in 1895. At the time, Lauson, was one of the largest manufacturer's of small gasoline engines in the United States. Upon the acquisition of Lauson, it was spun into a subsidiary of Tecumseh, called TecumsehPower.

Tecumseh Small Gasoline Engines

  • Tecumseh Small Gas Engine Overview-The Pro-Tech Oil System is pressurized and pumps oil directly to all engine parts. The Clean Fuel Filter System, filters gas to the engine, and prevents water ingestion. An Active Prime Carburetor, provides consistent prime every time. To make starting easier, a larger coil pull, reduces compression.

Tecumseh Servicing Dealers, like Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, (212) 925-0672 stand ready to help you. Our Premiere Dealers, have a Tecumseh Master Technician on staff, to handle any situation, you may encounter. Should you require a part, Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, has a full service parts department.

Ideal Tool & Equipment Service, is located at 456 North 8th St., Philadelphia, PA-19123. (See Map). Our business hours, are Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You may phone us at (215) 925-0672, or Fax us at (215) 440-9786. Our E-Mail, is

Tecumseh In The News

  • In 2009, TecumsehPower, a subsidiary of Tecumseh, was dealt to Certified Parts Corporation. Before the take-over, it manufactured small gas engines for Snow King snow blowers, generators, and other lawn and garden equipment.

  • Tecumseh Catalog of Service Engines and Accessories-The catalog, features all of Tecumseh's legacy engine products.

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